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Through our Brand Positioning Consulting Services, we collaborate with our clients to define, differentiate, and position their brands for maximum relevance and competitive advantage in their chosen market.
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Because product packaging must be custom, generic templates can't help. Just like you wouldn't use a generic logo for your brand, stay away from generic product packaging. The Designer's Prescription team assists clients with unique, customized packaging design with a simple process.


Designer's Prescription has deep experience working with a diverse range of companies and organizations – from consumer products to B2B, from emerging brands to global institutions. We are focused solely on helping companies achieve success through branding by providing consulting services.
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At Designer's Prescription, we look at your business in its totality, ensuring that everything from your leadership, culture, positioning, message, voice, visual identity, digital, and brand experience is unified. We study your company, focus on success metrics such as financial goals and where the business needs to go as a result of us working together.

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We believe in partnering with you. We design iconic logos and visual identities that cut through the noise and express who you are. This collaboration brings out the best between your company's expertise and our ability to give life to your brand identity and story. You are unique, so our work is custom. We don't have any cookie-cutter decorations, push-button templates, or stock solutions.

Here at Designer's Prescription, we develop an approach that fits your unique situation, including enough research to create a meaningful strategy and designs to tell your story. We design Instagram-worthy packaging and POS that engages, motivates people to buy, and gets people talking.
Five star care
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